Conditional compilation is turned off

Hello. I get a javascript error:

Conditional compilation is turned off

I found this link to fix : But after adding this field

/*@cc_on @*/

I get new, another javascript error:

Expected ')'

How to fix it? Thanks


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Microsoft Jscript Email Module? I was wondering if there is an Email module for MS Jscript (not Jscript .net) similar to the one in python? You can use the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) COM API. Here's how you can send a text e-mail using CDO: SendEMail("", "", "Subject", "Text body"); function SendEMail(from, to, subject, body) { try { var oMsg = new ActiveXObject("CDO.Message"); oMsg.From = from; oMsg.To = to; oMsg.Subject = subject; oMsg.TextBody = body; oMsg.Send(); } catch(e) { WScript.Echo("Error: " + e.description); } } This page provides some more CDO usage examples (they're in VBScript, but should help you get the idea). See also the CDO Reference at MSDN
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Reformatting JavaScript/JScript code? I've got a JScript error on my page. I know where the error's happening, but I'm attempting to decipher the JScript on that page (to figure out where it came from -- it's on an ASPX page, so any number of user controls could have injected it). It'd be easier if it was indented properly. Are there any free JScript reformatters for Windows? How about if you just run Firebug, it will tell you what the error is and will take you to where it is. Tools like phpDesigner (there's a free trial) have a code beautifier that will work on JavaScript, but nothing beats the good old TAB key (and shift tab to remove junk indention) :P You really should use Firebug or some similar debugging tool to actually find the problem, but, if you want to just format your JavaScript code, here's a reformatter I found on Google. Use Visual Studio 2008 Create a new Web-Form
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ASP.NET JScript Error Sys.ScriptLoadFailedException I am getting this error which I dont know how to deal with it. Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.ScriptLoadFailedException: The script '/MySite/MyPath/Default.aspx?_TSM_HiddenField_=ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_AjaxScriptManager_HiddenField&_TSM_CombinedScripts_=%3b' failed to load. Check for: Inaccessible path. Script errors. (IE) Enable 'Display a notification about every script error' under advanced settings. Missing call to Sys.Application.notifyScriptLoaded(). The page refering contains garbage charactors. The page contains few hidden fields in an update panel. Recently I didnt do any UI modifications and the UI worked as expected. My configuration .net 3.5 vs 2008 sp1 AjaxToolKit MasterPages
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How to touch a file with JScript? Is there a way to touch a file (i.e. change its modification time) from a JScript? There is a DateLastModified property in FileSystemObject (ActiveXObject), but it's read-only. Couldn't even find a clear "no, you can't" on this... The Shell object (Shell.Application) provides the read-write ModifyDate property for files. Here's an example of how you can use it: var oShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application"); var oFolder = oShell.NameSpace("C:\\MyFolder"); var oFile = oFolder.ParseName("MyFile.txt"); oFile.ModifyDate = "11/11/2009 8:00:00 AM"; See also the Hey, Scripting Guy! article on the subject: Using the Shell Object to Modify File Dates in VBScript. (The sample code there is in VBScript, but it should help you get the idea
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JScript syntax verifier? I'm new to JScript coming from a C++ world. I'm quite surprised that expressions are evaluated at run-time. What I mean is if I added a function and didn't provide its definition, the program would "crash" (in the debugger) when I run it. It's also funny how I can just type gibberish anywhere and only at run-time the debugger would complain. But the "live" page wouldn't! Is there any JScript add-on tool that checks its syntax while we type? I'm currently using Aptana Studio. Or is the debug button equivalent to compiling in the web world? But then what if you had million lines of code and some little function was not defined or misspelled? That's a scary thought to me. =S JSLint is considered by many to be the best syntax checker. I don't know that there is an add-in for your particular situation, but you should be able to add it to your build process
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Setting a JScript variable to contentplaceholder I have a content page in my ASP.NET-page and want to set a JScript variable to it programatically, so I can use it within the JScript sections of the rendered page afterwards. How can I start with this problem? I have a "head"-content that fills a ContentPlaceHolder in a master page, but have no idea how to write new content into it. I know there are some functions that deal with Page.Controls but I really didn't anything with what I can easily add some content to the... content... I hope someone understands my question and has some advice :) Try: <asp:Content runat="server" contentplaceholderid="head"> <script type="text/javascript"> var myVariable = '<%= MyDotNetProperty %>'; </script> </asp:Content> myVariable will then be available in all JS for that page. You can output the control
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What is the JScript version that's in IE9? Title says it all. I want this for some conditional compilation code that will run in all IE's less than IE9. The check for less than IE9 is: if (@_jscript_version < 9) It's worth noting, the wikipedia crowd keeps these updated pretty well: The Whole Thing is wrong Hmmm, i too think that feature detection is the safest bet. you might also wanna keep an eye on the ecma support that particular jscript versions offer.. For IE 9 And John resig's post.. It is almost always better to do feature detection, not specific version (or specific browser) detection, because there's no certainty that a given version of a browser is always the same. For example, Microsoft will release a new mobile platform soon
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